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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tired Tuesday Daily "Linkin' Logs" (12/2/08)

You know what you get when you mix to 4-7 teams on Monday night...


Anyways, Bill Simmons has declared that the NBA season is down to six title contenders. So Philly, New York, half of Los Angeles, Detroit, Denver and so on and so forth can just stop watching. And this is why I hate both of them (Basketball and Simmons) to a certain degree. The basis of Simmons's argument is that teams like Boston, L.A. (Lakers), Cleveland, San Antonio, New Orleans and Utah all have had "reps" at being good. Which would be awesome...except Detroit has had a lot of reps and they don't even get addressed. Add to that, Simmons egotistical nature of knowing more than you (a common theme amongst writers who piss me off...a paradigm I will explain another time) and finally a dash of "Celtics basketball" to fellate himself. But my favorite part:
The Celtics survived a grueling championship campaign, gained a noticeable swagger, embraced the Lloyd Neal Memorial "That's right, we're the f------ champs" mentality and aced their three biggest tests in November (two against Detroit, one in Houston). They're getting those Defending Champ reps.
You see, Simmons uses an oboscure reference to make you believe he knows what's up, and if you know anything about Neal (I looked it up), you'll discover that all and in all, he was just an untalented but hard working player...I guess that adds up.

But really, They're the "Fucking Champs."

Now the other part the pisses me off is simpler: How can the NBA give off the feeling that only six teams are capable of winning it all. Maybe this is why that league will never be tops. In the NFL, the league thrives on the parity that anyone can win and you can go from rags to riches (to rags again...) in a three year span. In the MLB, it is a little be harder, and perhaps why they're second fiddle right now, but there are as many as 15 to 20 teams who appear to be able to put it together an eighth of the way through the season and, as was the case this year, any of 8 teams capable of winning it all (when the playoffs started, would you have been surprised to see any team win it all...I wouldn't have) and even Hockey has seen 8 seeds upset ones and is beginning to experience its own salary cap parity soon enough.

This is what makes college ball so much more appealing. If Stephen Curry can lead Davidson to the sweet 16, and a team like Villanova can win it all, then why would you skip any of the tourney games you could watch...

The NBA sucks...
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Cheezer said...

42 month mandatory sentence for carrying a concealed weapon in New York.

Maybe, just maybe, a public official has finally had it with these millionaires disregarding the law at the same time the public is subsidizing their place of employment.

Cheezer said...

...and I just read further.

The thing is, Burress isn't like you and I. He isn't like Joe the Plumber. He's a millionaire who can afford his own security guard so he doesn't have to carry a concealed weapon to protect his wad... While he is in a public place... Consuming alcohol.

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