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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thirsty Thursday Daily "Linkin Logs" (12/4/08)

If you haven't heard already, #1 Alabama and #4 Florida are set to clash in the SEC title game in the Georgia Dome this weekend. The location in and of itself is nice, given its relatively close proximity to both schools and the fact that its both a college capacity size place and a pro quality facility.

But in my mind, this is the NCAA title game. And moreover, if Tebow runs it in on 4th and one against the Rebels, this is a #1 Florida versus #2 Alabama match-up instead of the current title game entrance. I don't see Texas, Texas Tech or Oklahoma standing in either team's way, but I have no desire to see Nick Saban raise another crystal ball. I believe Florida wins this one by pulling away in the second half.

Perhaps the most surprising part of the game is that #4 Florida is favored by more than a touchdown over Alabama (10 points to be exact). And say what you want about being #1 and undefeated but if there's any group of guys in the room who know more about football than anyone else, its the people setting the betting lines. You don't get respect in betting lines no matter who you are and fans or players getting upset by this are just fooling themselves, Florida is the better team.

Florida 42 Alabama 24

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