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Monday, December 1, 2008

The Return: Daily "Linkin' Logs" (12/1/08)

Sorry for the extended Hiatus. I intended to miss a few days because of the lack of internet connection, what I didn't anticipate was some ridiculous bus rides with just my blackberry and an extremely busy weekend which resulted in almost no down time, regardless of net connection.

Such is life. I hope y'all had a fine Turkey Day

Because of the lack of internet, I wasn't really aware of the Plexiglass situation in New York. Who the Hell is Harris Smith? Dude went from crazy to Bat Shit Fucking Nuts. Shooting yourself is pretty lame. A weapons charge in the state of New York is probably a bit lamer. Things with Burress could get pretty interesting.
I'll be back later with your MMBBQ and some other tidbits. Thanks for reading.

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