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Thursday, December 18, 2008

An Abusive 10 Things I Think Smell Like Shit

Lots of interesting topics and frankly some of them are kind of disturbing and serious
  1. Brian Giles pulls a "Brett Myers." Not exactly the public punching/hair pulling that happened in Boston with Myers, but Brian Giles's girlfriend (we're guessing former) is suing the Padres outfielder for numerous beatings, attacks and general unmanliness. She also claims Giles hit her while pregnant and caused the miscarriage of the couple's child. I'm not sure how criminal charges weren't involved (maybe they were), but a series of abuse by a ballplayer finally leading up to a lawsuit (civil) instead of criminal action strikes me as suspicious. And then of course...there's evidence. So it appears as though Giles's slump will extend beyond last year.
  2. Mindy's meltdown. Apparently Roger Clemens's former lover attempted suicide yesterday. The whole issue wreaks of confusion, desperation and sadness. The Roger Clemens destruction parade is just crushing lives left and right...good for him...
  3. Deadspin - King of the Simmons Conspiracy. One of the more fascinating writers around is indeed Bill Simmons. For better or for worse, the guy's an entertaining writer (or at least he steals the good stuff) and does know a lot about Boston sports and the eras, much like I do about Philadelphia or perhaps others do about their respective home regions. But over the last year or so, Deadspin has surmised that a rift has grown between its elite non-specific writer and the WWL. The most recent one is indeed a total crock of shit by my estimation but not without its own value...that the ESPN Ombudsman has imposed some type of rulebook and Simmons is a bit perturbed if not concerned over it. His assertions are valid by my estimation but more importantly, for better or worse, Simmons is one of us. He is/was a blogger. A writer of his own volition and one that may have to play by ESPN's rules more so than is own. I'm essentially free to write what I want and so is any other blogger. To stifle Simmons is a dig at the blogosphere and proof that old media and new media are destine to keep clashing for years.
  4. Of Auburn and Racism. If you haven't heard, there's been ideas tossed around that race was the primary motivation behind not hiring Turner Gill and instead hiring Gene Chizik. Now, I'm confused by the whole thing myself, but it certainly wreaks of a little shit. Sir Charles's (an Auburn Alum) statements are certainly the most damning, but I think the outward theory that this hire was entirely racially motivated seems almost impossible. Maybe I'm wrong, but we've seen coordinators come out of no where to get hired before. With Chizik being a former Tiger coordinator himself, maybe Auburn had plans before the interview process even began? Or maybe they're just a bunch of rednecks?
  5. And then there's Joe Paterno. This man is going to die on the sidelines. I've been waiting (not anxiously...I'm not a weirdo) for the odd news break to claim that good ole JoePa (A Penn State folk hero, now) has died...during practice. You can't tell me this isn't going to happen. This guy is football. He loves the game. But more importantly, he loves his players and his college. He wants each and every one of them to life. And for that, this man should be revered.
  6. Its time for a playoff. When the BCS Bowls are named and Bowl season times, it means one more thing: Playoff talk. And while its been discussed ad nauseum, its still valid. If Division 1-AA (and Divisions 2 and 3), the NFL and the Arena league can do it, why can't D-1A? There's so many ways to go about it, so many ways to continue the old Bowl system regardless and so many ways to increase marketing and money making. I'd even argue that its actually more beneficial to the game, interest and to the money-hungry big conferences. So what is a Boise State wins 1 game over Oklahoma...the odds of them making it to a semi-final or final are still slim to none. And even if one game is a clunker as far as attendence of home fans (which I still doubt), don't forget the other 7 games for the first round!
  7. Goodbye to this shitty place. People rarely uttered a peep when they blew up the Vet, but why is Texas stadium being revered. The place is a shithole. It has a stupid hole in the roof and houses the Cowboys. Just blow the friggin' thing up already
  8. Mets swindled my Madoff. Considering all the charities ripped off by this guy, I don't feel too bad for the guy who owns the Mets. Sad part is, it didn't even effect their payroll; talk about financial stability. Me's thinks Wilpon is still oozing with cash
  9. Marshall Faulk, The Dallas Media, and Jason Garrett's free pass. And Marshall is right. While most local media outlets don't necessarily try to damage the team (or bite the hand that feeds), the Dallas media goes so far as to support the team. And that's disgusting. Its a fraudulent way to do business and only goes to enhance the bullshit that is "America's Team." What a crock of shit.
  10. And this one doesn't stink. RIP Sammy Baugh. And I mean this in the nicest way possible. Goodbye to one of the greats who changed the game it made it what it was today...even if he was a Redskin...

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