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Monday, November 10, 2008

Our Peter King MMBBQ - 11/10/08

I think I've frequently said, its not really part of my element to mock sports writers, especially ones who are significantly more successful than I.

In Peter King's case, I think we'll have to make exception to mock the crap out of him. Its not that I hate Petey, its just that his holier than thou, I am the all knowing NFL writer attitude kills me...and when it spills out beyond football (as you'll see) I just can't take it.

Today's MMBBQ is politically charged:

You see Petey thought it'd be nice to charge his Democratic friends with a nice one pager during the election, something that nary raised an eyebrow in 2000 or 2004...

He focused on the election of a black man to the presidency (to be fair, a historic moment in many ways). He touched on Brandon Marshall's potential touchdown celebration (and black and white "Power Fist") and the status of minorities in the NFL (something I feel is fairly represented with respect to the US population, but not with respect to the NFL population). And of course, he let us know how NFL stars feel. Rather than fight through mindless partisan dribble, I'll leave you with the good quote (pretty much the only one, though Scott Fujita's was ok, though not to insightful), courtesy of Hines Ward: "We'll all remember where we were when our first black president was elected. It used to be that a black coach was unheard of; now I'm playing for one. A black president was certainly unheard of, and now we have one. Martin Luther King talked about having a dream, and now we're all living it."

But that fact of the matter is, Petey chose to focus on the election. Not because it was historic (he claims that was the rational) but because he's a partisan arrogant son of a bitch. It is ridiculous to use your national article as a way to trumpet your political views which, while slightly clouded here, is very clear in retrospect. Its even more offensive that such an illustrious (get it!) magazine's editor would allow for this.

Fire Peter King? That's change I believe in...

And moving on Peter's added a few new sections this year, specifically: What I learned about Football this week that I didn't know last week. Now, I can understand the point, but the title of this one says it all: The NFC Might be the stronger conference at the top right now, but the AFC is decisively better in one area: special teams. Perhaps I'm interpreting the wrong way, but it took you 9 weeks of NFL football (where you continuously ranked the Giants, Redskins, Eagles and Cowboys in your top 10...and that's just one division) to realize the NFC was better...

That's ok, you focus on special're special Petey...very special...

1 comment:

Tommy said...

Peter king is absolutely dreadful as a writer. I get sick of his political views always getting thrown into his articles: "I don't mean to be political, but..." And his favoritism for certain teams and players is ridiculous. There is nothing of substance in any of his articles.

Incidentally I found this on a search for "fire peter king".

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