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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thirsty Thursday Daily "Linkin Logs" (11/13/08)

Joe Maddon and Sweet Potato Lou took the Manager of the Year Awards for each league. Some Phillies fans are up in arms over the travesty that is Uncle Charlie not getting his fair due. Not this guy though and there's a few reasons:
  1. The voting takes place before the playoffs. For that matter, even the final week of the season (weekend games, when quite a few teams clinched)
  2. Charlie did practically what was expected; win 90 games and make the playoffs. It wasn't surprising.
  3. It's not like he had the best record in baseball (like Piniella) or took a team from worst to first (Maddon...even if he still wore those dumb glasses).
  4. Charlie took second. Had he won the most games in the league that year, he and Piniella might have been switched.
  5. Charlie's got the hardware that counts.
In unrelated news, #14 Ball State defeated Ben Roethlisberger's alma mater Miami (of Ohio...) to reach the vaunted 10-0 plateau. There's been some talk about where Ball State should fall as far as BCS bowl bids, but with BCS outsiders Utah and Boise State as well as a number of quality one loss teams in front of them, I just don't see it happening. Toss in the fact that they've defeated such quality schools as my alma mater and Big Ten doormat Indiana and I just don't see how A) They make it in and B) deserve a spot; though you could make arguments against Boise State (who's only decent win is Oregon, though Fresno State is coming up) and Utah, though they have already beaten a tough TCU squad and will face Brigham Young (#17) before Thanksgiving.

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