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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Detroit Pistons off to a Great Start

Yesterday, the Detroit Pistons made a blockbuster trade. Sending All-star guard Chauncey Billups to Denver for All-star guard Allen "AI" Iverson. Is that a "blockbuster" trade or what!?! Note that Denver also got Antonio McDyess from Detroit, though he says he wants to return to Detroit if Denver doesn't buyout his contract.

That wasn't the only good news in Detroit yesterday. The Pistons won their third game of the season (and are now 3-0).

Detroit KOed the 1-2 Charlotte Bobcats 101-83. All twelve of Detroit's active players scored at least two points as four of the Pistons five starters scored double-digit points en route to the 18-point victory in Charlotte, NC.

In each of Detroit's three games, the high-powered offense has scored 100+ points, and have just dominated the opposing defenses.

In addition to the fast start and recent blockbuster trade, the Pistons have locked up their three-time all-star shooting guard, Richard Hamilton, for three more years yesterday. According to Yahoo!.com, the Pistons are also thinking about a trade for Lebron James.

Should they land James, the Pistons would be almost an automatic pick for the 2008-09 NBA Finals.

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