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Friday, November 7, 2008

Daniel Snyder Strikes Back...well..sorta

Asteroids do not concern me, Admiral. I want that ship, not excuses.

And with that Daniel Snyder strike back at the NFL and NFC East by signing one overpaid, overhyped and overrated DeAngelo Hall.

Hall's deal is fairly simple. He'll maintain what guaranteed chunks he had with the Raiders (as my understanding is) but his salary with the 'Skins is a prorated $1 million; equaling roughly $492,000.

Fiscally, this doesn't really hurt the 'Skins, but I am curious to see the affects on the team as a whole. Sure this allows Shawn Springs (a superior CB to Hall) to slot over to Strong Safety and move LaRon Landry to Free and allow him to blitz, but it automatically weakens them at corner (Hall is an overrated risktaker and is generally owned by NFC East teams) and may disrupt the lockerroom that has really pulled it together post-Sean Taylor.

Frankly, we Iggles Phans welcome Hall to the NFC East...where he'll get beaten like a drum...

Oh and as far as the Raiders...


1 comment:

Dumont J. Walker III said...

Dan Snyder wants to be Jerry Jones so bad, it's just sad.

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