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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Introducing...(non-"Linkin' Logs") Weekly "10 Things I Think Smell Like Shit." (10/8/08)

You might have noticed the lack of Daily "Linkin' Logs" today. That was partially intentional (and partially laziness). But I decided earlier this week, to try to mix up the links for the week. Frankly, it gets a little stale (and sometimes I don't have a good lead article) and I need some touch-up ideas. If you've got other suggestions for weekly additions, e-mail me at (or if you want to call me a jackass).

Anyway, "10 Things I Think Smell Like Shit" will be a weekly (hopefully Wednesday) replacement for the links where I will list 10 things that...well...have a fresh coating of shit...
  1. Chad Johnson. I sweat the man's the daffiest receiver this side of the Ohio (T.O. shotgunned the left coast). Torn Labrum and all, I would still take Johnson as a #1...for like a year...maybe
  2. "Pacman" is back. Well, that didn't take long. If you haven't heard, apparently Adam "Pacman" Jones was involved in a fight in a hotel in Dallas. Few details are known and the hotel isn't commenting. Needless to say, BNB isn't surprised at another Jones transgression. Duck Fallis.
  3. Puck Dropping Palin. Talk about a risk taker. Politically, Palin is trying to help her running mate capture another chunk of my home state, Pennsylvania, but frankly this looks like a stuck gun ready to backfire. Palin is sure to hear more than enough jeers down Broad Street.
  4. Sad Guys of the Trading Floor. So I'm a finance guy. I admit I'm a bit concerned, but I do take a bit of joy in this gift an AGMer sent me today. Yes, we can all now chuckle at some of the world's best brokers holding their heads...its ok...they lost your 401k money, you can do it.
  5. Eager with the Slash. Former Flyers goon Ben Eager was suspended 3 games by the NHL Commish. Normally, we wouldn't be surprised at a big, vicious and probably illegal Ben Eager hit. But this one just can't be missed. Eager swung his stick (missing) from the bench at equally ruthless Sean Avery in the 3rd period of a Blackhawks-Stars exhibition game. He missed. The NHL suspension? Not so much...
  6. McNabbulous Accountability. The Eagles currently suck. Donovan McNabb knows this. He thinks they're better (so does Clinton Portis). They'll do better...or its McNabb's ass...seriously
  7. Manning better than Manning. Deadspin's Rick Chandler thinks the whole concept is rather inane, but more to the point, ESPN can't be serious...can they? I guess we should just ignore statistics, consistency and common sense and just got with the guy who has...the same number of rings? Its ridiculous to compare the two. Peyton is just better. Unless Eli starts putting up Pro-Bowl after Pro-Bowl season, then its Peyton. Eli should start with being the best QB in the division, then we can start comparing him to the best in the league.
  8. Red Sox B.J. While we're on an ESPN tangent, let's just finish 'em off. Seriously, what is this. Look, I get it. It's the ALCS and you're announcing playoff starters. Seems reasonable? But if you asked the casual baseball fan/ESPN reader who the game 1 starts of the NLCS was (Something I never saw an ESPN article on...nevermind top of the news, front page), they'd probably say something about Hole Camels. To which we think...thanks ESPN...I hope MNF tanks.
  9. Chicago. Talk about falling off the map. The Cubs, arguable the best team in the majors throughout the entire season had as many post season wins Extending their curse another year and making me really glad I'm not a Cubs fan...though the Cubs do less than 10,000 losses. As for the White Sox? Hey, at least they broke their losing streak.
  10. Marvin's Handgun. Lost in the Manning mess, the Colts struggles and the disappear Peyton Manning is the fact that Marvin Harrison was recently invovled in a "shooting." (I say "shooting" because the facts are murky at best and he has not been charged or really connected beyond the gun itself). Now the alleged victim is suing an uncharged Harrison claiming Harrison shot him. And yet our criminal court hasn't handled this yet? Inspiring.
I hope you enjoyed the first edition of 10 Things...Look forward to more next week and "Linkin' Logs" are back tomorrow (probably...maybe...kindasorta)

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