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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

One Day of Rest Daily "Linkin' Logs" (9/3/08)

It was bound to happen, but you got a late weekend from the "Linkin' Logs." Tuesday was an adjustment day, but we're back. Now prepare yourself!
  • Is the Joba Rule coming back for 2009?
  • The Chicago Cubs are going for broke
  • So I see Rudi Johnson's Career is over
  • 76ers acquire one of the top 5 ugliest players in the NBA
  • If you haven't had a chance, feel free to take a look at another fraudulent Peter King MMQB. Listen Petey, we don't care about what fucking coffee you drink, or how hard it must be to fly to training camps and watch football, so stop telling us and placating your ego.
  • The Coup-De-Grace though, was Kings retort to this quote from Warren Sapp (as provided by King's Article): "I would hope to God that it would be [better] because [the show] on HBO it just got bland. It got bland, it got boring, and it just sat there that it was a foregone conclusion that somebody was supposed to tune in because it was what it was. You have to entertain the people.''
    --New Inside the NFL panelist Warren Sapp, in the Boston Globe, opining that the Showtime version of the long-running pro football show will be better than the HBO version.
  • King, then claiming "fairness in journalism" went on a bitchfest about how wrong Sapp was and King began fellating former co-douche Cris Collinsworth. King's supporting argument includes: A) Hey, it won Emmys! - Which would be great if those meant it was entertaining, but the fact of the matter is, it was cancelled so odds are people didn't watch (AKA Boring) and his other support being Collinsworth is awesome, which is so incredibly false that I thought I was about to have an aneurism due to thoughts of a Collinsworth spittle inducing yet comatosing rant about how the slot receiver was not as good as he was. Seriously? Collinsworth? More like Collinsworthless
  • On that note, when the Red Sox miss the playoffs, remind me to send King some hate mail.
  • Via Deadspin, Reasons to watch the LPGA
  • EC Gives the biggest jerks of fantasy football
  • And finally, Kyle Boller is done!

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