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Friday, September 12, 2008

Al Groh Gets What He Deserves

First off, the guys over at Awful Announcing represent the best and the worst of the blog world by pulling this prank, but if anyone deserves it, it is without a doubt Al Groh. I'd also like to thank ACC Nation, for bringing this clip to my attention as it will certainly be one of the favorites at Walker-Sports.

Al Groh has ruled the UVA football program with an iron fist for eight seasons now. And all the program has gotten out of it is one 9 win season that was a complete accident and a decent Pro-Factory for Tight ends and O-Linemen. Oh, and the school now has a rap sheet of play dicipline problems that would make Miami and Penn State jealus (well done coach).

What makes it even worse, is Groh's "one voice" mentality means he has made himself the face of the program and for anyone who has ever watched Belichick give an interview, well Groh was taking notes and is every bit the ass. Now think back to when Belichick was at Cleveland and he couldnt sniff the playoffs more or less the Super Bowl, now you got Al Groh.

So to hear him get punked during a conference call on Thursday was great. It could not have happened to a more pompus ass. Now lets see if he can get his team to muster more than 1 TD this week against UConn.

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