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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Top of Tuesday Daily "Linkin Logs" (8/19/08)

Obviously, if you've paid attention, you knew about it by mid-day yesterday. But for those who prefer a more prime-time approach (not Neon Deion), found out late last night that (some believe) Nastia Liukin was robbed, hosed or even screwed.

Fact of the matter is. She wasn't really. You can hate on the Chinese pre-teens or the home field advantage or the judges or the scoring system itself. But the fact of the matter is (for however insensitive it is), that the rules were laid out before hand and everyone knew about them.

This isn't Vinny Testeverde not making it to the goal line; both gymnasts were clearly (in the judges eyes) as good as gold, but because of the rules this is where we sit today. And in perhaps an even more gold medal worthy performance Liukin took it with grace and humility. It didn't hurt that she won the overall gold though.
  • In a powerbalancing move (probably not in line with the Adam Dunn acquisition), the Dodgers have reaquired Greg Maddux for the stretch run. Given that their offense has risen from its slumber now (thanks to their powerbat acquisition, Manny Ortiz), the Dodgers certainly look like a match for the D-Bags
  • I challenge you to tell me which is funnier: Exhibit A or Exhibit B or Exhibit C
  • On that note, Epic Carnival explains why the Bears went with Orton. I theorize that the discussion ended with Lovie Smith saying: "Fuck it...Orton"
  • Additionally, PFT theorizes that the Henry signing may be due to Chad Johnson
  • Now I've been debating with myself whether or not I'd even be mildly interested in attending the Pats vs Eagles game this Friday in Foxborough (as a loyal Eagles fan, I attended last year's near-shocker, A.K.A. the blueprint game), but not it may be even less worth it. Yeah Tom, I think you're milking it...
  • Given the Jimmy Rollins debacle in Philly as of late, numerous Philly Bloggers lead by We Should Be GMs are fighting the good fight, to stop the boo birds and cheer all the Phillies moves against the Nationals. Thanks god for, as I'll be tuning in on the hilarity of 10 people going nuts after Ryan Howard boots one
  • Obligatory Charles Barkley Link...(I think you know what this is about)
  • While I could give to shits about the Buffalo Bills or Jason Peters, I thought PFT had an excellent title for this Rumor
  • KSK informs us Peter King is a dumbass (we already knew this). But seriously, where does King get off? Sure I think Jets fans can be douches (yes brothers, we boo too), but expecting a sellout for a pre-season game is stupid, Favre or no Favre. Moreover, this is the same Peter King who thinks its ridiculous that owners charge regular season prices for these tickets. Well Peter, I think I'd rather spend my 50 bucks watching a washed up Favre for 60 minutes than just 15 or 30...
  • And courtesy of the Fightins, Pat Burrell...Awesome!


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