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Monday, August 11, 2008

They're Back - Daily "Linkin' Logs" (8/11/08)

I will never claim to be an Olympic Guru. Asking me two years ago who Michael Phelps was, I'd venture a decent guess (and would have been right, I watched the Athens Games). Beyond that, I'd struggle to tell you who anyone us...and definitely couldn't tell you all the "strokes" in swimming.

But the success for the 4x1 Olympic Mens Team certainly was riveting. And to beat the french certainly made many Americans, downtrodden by an unpopular war and tough economic times think "Boo ya, you god damn frogs." Certainly the Olympics will be a fun time to be an American...after all we're like the Olympic All Star team (Its not an arrogant remark...just think about it)

Also, we here an BNB will attempt a new (what we hope is) weekly feature. Since most, if not all, of us love football...and to a lesser extent the NFL, BadNewsBloggers will attempt to maintain a weekly feature of each division in the NFL, stemming from either our expertise or the fact that no one likes a team in the NFC South but it needs to be covered regardless. So in the coming weeks, look for those. Each of our writers will have a different take on what to present (I'll include lots of links)...some more technical...some more entertaining...but it promises to be fun.


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