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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday Special Daily "Linkin' Logs" (8/30/08)

Inspired by waking up early and going to visit every Mission Hiller's favorite breakfast spot, Mike's Donuts. Now I'm primed and ready to provide some (less than quality, less than daily) linkin' logs.

If you smell that, then you know, its time for football. Sure its college (and doesn't really count!), but its real football by people who care out the outcomes of games. I'm not a college football junky by any means. Needless to say, we'll all be watching

1 comment:

ssreporters said...

That smells like jealous Eagles fan to me. It's okay, that pesky NFL can't give us a special schedule against only the top teams in the NFL.

That being said, the Eagles will do very well, so see you in the NFC Championship Game.

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