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Friday, July 25, 2008

Hand Off to the "Linkin' Logs" (7/25/08)

Some interesting news out of California today. Piedmont, CA head football coach Kurt Bryan and their director of Football Operations Steve (don't call me Stan) Humphries have come up with perhaps the most stunning football development not seen since the creation of the Shotgun.

Well, last season Piedmont High's football minds developed a method in which to make all players on the field eligible receivers. The system is based on the idea of having two quarterbacks, and a base offense that consisted of a center, two tight ends book ending him, six receivers (split three on each side) and two Quarterbacks, one playing deep in the backfield (seven plus yards). This offense was nicknamed the "Pluto offense" but later became the "A-11 Offense" as in all 11 players can become receivers. The offense even has an official website:, which describes itself as "an innovative offense blending aspects of the spread option, West Coast and run and shoot."

And while reviewing the rules and working with league officials, Bryan and Humphries became sure the offense could be legal. While only five receivers are actually eligible, the other seven players move and can make different plays in the backfield, nevermind the two QBs who can easily lateral to eachother creating even more options. So twenty years from now, when you see the A-11 in the pros, harkin back to Bryan and Humphries, the innovators.

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