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Monday, July 21, 2008

Freshly Hungover "Linkin' Logs"

You might have missed me over the weekend (probably not). What I did manage to do was A) See Batman and B) Drink too much. The former was spectacular (I really can't say enough about how well down the film was or Heath Ledger's amazing performance) and the latter resulted in most of my day being spent in bed (oh how amazing a serious hangover is).

While attempting to sleep off this one I did happen to watch Padraig Harrington's pretty stunning performance in "The Open Championship." Needless to say, Greg Norman was the underdog yet hopeful leader and Harrington was the whimsical Irishman who did not relent on the back nine nailing two shots to really seal the deal. I'm not an avid golf watcher, but this event was very entertaining.

I also caught the beginning of the the F1 race on Sunday. Unfortunately the fireworks were on Saturday, when Danica Patrick, unable to pass Milka Duno during a practice round, confronted the fellow female racer. Normally, this would only be slightly entertaining than Nascar (i.e. not at all) but...well, I'll let the video speak for itself (Personally, I like the part where Duno throws a towel...twice!)

Well, enough banter, on to the links:

1 comment:

Dumont J. Walker III said...

Batman was amazing. So was the booze I drank this weekend, tough to say which I enjoyed more, but I do know which one I enjoyed more the next day.

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