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Monday, July 7, 2008

Daily "Linkin' Logs" - Post Holiday Issue (7/7/2008)

So, I wasn't kidding when I said I may not make any posts this weekend. Alas, I spent a solid 18 hours on a bus (or between buses) and then proceeded to visit as many bars as I could find in the greater Lancaster County Area (and no, I didn't drink with the Amish). Good times abound, but I did have my head in the sand for all things not Philadelphia (I drunkenly watched the Phils lose Saturday). The results; some links you might already know about...but it should still be fun


Ben Heck said...

The title of the article under the last bullet is wrong...They haven't won the Conference Championship yet, and will have to play harder than they did on Saturday to get there.

JustinY said...

I thought the same thing ben...but i think they mean the soul won the regular season conf. championship...

but you're right, it looks weird

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