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Friday, July 18, 2008

Back to Baseball: "Linkin' Logs" (7/18/08)

Dear Francisco Cordero,

Try earning your 8 mil this year and close games.


BNBlogger, JustinY

And that pretty much says it all. The hard charging Mets, winners of 10 straight, have tied the (sorta) idle Phils for first. New Yorkers are more annoying than ever (and not even Yankees fans) and this Phils fan broke a beer mug thanks to Fran's awful performance.

But all is not lost, as the Phillies (who I said were only semi-idle) went out and got workhorse pitcher Joe Blanton, who's been less than stellar this year, but still capable of pitching deep into games (which is the only thing a Phillies offense this potent needs). The Phils shipped three prospects to Oakland; Outfielder Matt Spencer, Pitcher Josh Outman and 2nd baseman Adrian Cardenas. I know little about Spencer, but Outman's been amongst the Phils best pitching prospects and Cardenas was among their best fielding prospects. That being said, the Phils really gave up little in their own plans, because Cardenas's position, as you know, is currently filled by NL MVP-hunter Chase Utley, and with a glove comparable to Utley, there was little reason to see Cardenas in the Phils plans for the future. In fact all, indications are that he was trade bait to from the moment he was drafted.

So how does Blanton help the Phils? Well, check out's video from ESPN's baseball tonight...

Yes...he did say that...and Yes, the Phils are currently in first...but I also hope they can catch the Mets! Anyways, on to the links!

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