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Friday, November 28, 2008

Post-Turducken Daily "Linkin' Logs" (11/28/08)

Mookie here filling in for Justin from today until Sunday with the daily "Linkin' Logs". You know Justin took the midnight bus so he could hide the body for his Thanksgiving travel while I stayed in the Pacific Northwest having a peaceful holiday. Stuffed myself with turkey, bread, corn, everything! Oh yes, and I watched football. Lots and lots of god awful horse crap football.

I watched 3 games (2 NFL games and 1 college), and the combined scores for those games were 130-28. The winning teams were victorious by 102 points (and you can add 28 more points if you watched the Eagles destroy the soon-to-be NFC West overlords in the Arizona Cardinals).

  • Seattle is the worst team in football. The Lions suck and are going to go 0-16, and until they win I consider them to not be a pro football team. Dallas sacked Matt Hasselbeck 7 times and teared up Seattle's defense in a 34-9 win. John Marshall (defensive co-ordinator) is a terrible coach. Tony Romo had weeks to throw with his patented "Don't touch the QB" gameplan. By the time he finally realized the blitz can work on Dallas, it was too late and the Seahawks' playoff hopes are now officially done. For reasons I don't understand, Marshall had Julian Peterson covering Terrell Owens and Leroy Hill covering Jason Witten. My memory of Witten's TD is fuzzy, but if it's what I thought it was, all of Romo's TD passes occurred with a linebacker covering the receiver.
  • The Titans are 11-1 after beating up the Detroit Kittens 47-10. I don't care honestly if it's a tradition, but the Lions need to be removed from Thanksgiving games and let the Green Bay Packers host games at Lambeau.
  • I hailed Arizona as Super Bowl Contenders if they could beat the Giants. They didn't do that, and they put up another embarrassing road performance, a 48-20 loss to the Eagles. Kurt Warner threw 3 interceptions, Anquan Boldin lost a fumble, it was a poor performance by them and they will end up backing their way into the playoffs. Andy Reid.....congrats, Brian Westbrook tore the Cardinals a new one with 4 touchdowns (2 rushing, 2 receiving), and you actually gave him the ball! Donovan McNabb was unstoppable, and the Eagles dying season was given a lifeline. Balanced football gets you a win!!! Kinda makes you wonder why they don't do this all the time.
  • In the college game, Texas embarrassed Texas A&M, 49-9. Colt McCoy is Tim Tebow in a Texas uniform, Jordan Shipley is a freak of nature, Mike Sherman remains an incompetent coach. This may all be for naught in their national title hopes as there is no way Texas Tech will lose to Baylor tomorrow. Way to go, BCS!!!
  • It is time for the NFL (or their PR people) to stop targeting 12 year old girls to watch a football game. The Jonas Brothers? Jesse McCartney? Who are these people? This marketing ploy is going to backfire one of these days when they let Hannah Montana perform in the Super Bowl.

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