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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Everyone Loves Daily "Linkin' Logs" (11/29/08)

Justin is still exploring the Bermuda Triangle, so yours truly fills in for the 2nd of 3 days. It was a fantastic day for college football, and football in general. Georgia Tech won 45-42 over Georgia in a classic, Grambling beat Southern, Alabama and Florida both won big, and Va. Tech beat Virginia and they are in the ACC Championship Game. I won't touch the BCS because it's not worth it, so before I get to the links I want to talk about objectivity.

Pete Prisco is to me as Peter King is to Justin. I cannot stand Prisco (writer for Sportsline) for a different reason though, and it's because of his painfully obvious bias. Think back to the days of the Swami in the 1990s on ESPN. Chris Berman picked the 49ers/Bills as the Super Bowl matchup for umpteen years straight as a recurring joke. That never actually happened, and it won't happen this year either. Now, think about Pete Prisco, who has picked the Arizona Cardinals to win the NFC West for 4 years strong (includes this season). Unless they lose every game and the 49ers win every game from here on out, that will finally come true, and Prisco began the bragging. That's no different than picking the same lottery number for 5 years and then finally winning the jackpot and say "I knew what I was doing". It doesn't stop there though, because Prisco also makes his weekly NFL predictions.

If the season went by his picks, the Cardinals are undefeated (the Jaguars were unbeaten in his book until the next game they play). The Giants, Redskins, Jets, and Panthers were ALL inferior to the mighty Cardinals. Obviously he's just being a homer since he's from Arizona and graduated from Arizona State, but that has no place in the sports business. It's irritating, it's stupid, and he should pick the BETTER team and not play favorites.

Let's head to the links....

Enjoy your Sunday football.
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