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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Movie About......Ryan Leaf?

The current San Diego Chargers are just a pathetic team that’s pretty much eliminated from playoff contention…..which brings us to an actor making a film about the other great disaster, RYAN LEAF!!! Not only is it a movie (titled after said QB’s last name), but it’s a free screening at the San Diego Library tomorrow. Via ESPN:

“I insisted it be free for all the Chargers fans because it’s their story,” writer and director Tim Carr said, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune. “I was like, ‘Chargers fans have been through enough — let them have this.’” Carr, who plays Leaf in the film, appeared in “Rocky Balboa” and has written and directed two other films. He said he was interested in making a sports movie in the style of Woody Allen’s “Husbands and Wives” — a documentary within a movie — but “didn’t want to do a ‘Rudy’-type movie,” according to the report.

However, Carr won’t be at the screening, the newspaper reported. He’ll be busy re-editing the ending to incorporate Leaf’s resignation last month from his job as an assistant coach at West Texas A&M. “That kills my redemption ending,” he said.

I’m not sure you can get that many people in a 4-8 season to witness times that were even worse. Totally wacky but it’s free!!! It’s not everyday you can see a sports movie being made that is free to the public. You know what? I may get into this myself? Let me jot down some ideas.

“NORV” - The story of a mediocre head coach that successfully managed to take Marty Schottenheimer’s Super Bowl contending team and run it right into the ground.

“SMITH” - The story of a GM that hired Norv Turner and thought he would get long and sustained periods of success.

“BUST” - Craig “Buster” Davis is played by Omar Epps in this short film chronicling the journey through another failed first round draft pick for San Diego.

“KAEDING - The story of a kicker named Nate, so great in the regular season…..yet cannot kick the tying/winning field goal in the playoffs.

I sense an Oscar coming in 2009 with any one of those ideas. If you’re headed to the San Diego Library see what it’s like, I’d certainly be interested.

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Justin said...

Bwah...screwed up his ending...awesome!

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