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Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Night Live Blog - Browns vs. Eagles Pregame

A Bad News Bloggers first. We've never had a live blog and tonight that will be broken.

Good news is my internet is fine, bad news is I'm freezing and when I stepped outside for 1 hour (as in outside at the park) I swear the wind chill lowered the temperatures to the single digits.

Who: Browns @ Eagles

When: 8:40 PM ET


Network: ESPN

SSR's Prediction: Eagles 30 Browns 14

Feel free to make your picks or keep track of Monday Night Countdown quotes. I'll step out and be back at around 5:15 in the 1st half thread.


JFein said...

Thanks for the shoutout in the "why" section. Although you could also add, so Tony Kornheiser can have Americans breaking TV sets across the country with his terrible puns.

Have fun with the live blog tonight. If you want all of the AA regulars, you can post that you're live blogging it, give them the link, and they'll come.

SSReporters said...

Already did it.

Yet Another Idiot With A Music Blog said...

This actually did not happen during the Countdown show but rather during PTI, but on today's show, Dr. Kornheiser, out of nowhere, used the phrase, "And Brett Favre, my main man...". Yes, he called Favre his man! I'm surprised he didn't state that during Valentine's Day this year he sent his sweetie a box of chocolate and a dozen roses.

When I heard that, I thought of all the comment-ors out there and how if he said that during a MNF broadcast, everyone would freak out and bash him for that for the rest of the night.

JamesCraven said...

Remember, if your name is Swearing man, and you even think about trying to come on here, we have your e-mail address and prepare for a long night of pain and torture upon your very soul!

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