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Monday, December 15, 2008

Browns @ Eagles Live Blog - 2nd Half

This is hilarious.

The Eagles were a few yards away from having another return for a TD allowed at the end of the half. The good news? In those 2 games they won.

Touchback for Akers. Lewis gains 2 on 1st down.....yawn. Where is Jerome Harrison? Lewis gains 2 again and Steve Heiden the tight end is hurt...does not look good. Edwards again!! Deep pass to midfield and he has 88 yards receiving. An end-around with Cribbs gains 6. Jamal Lewis gained 6 yards....did I type that right? I-formation and Lewis just gains 1......sigh. Oh look a dropped pass by the fullback.

"Poor Browns fans your team hasn't scored a touchdown in a month." - Tirico


Timeout called by Cleveland with 3rd and 9 coming up.

Temperature in Seattle: 27 degrees with a wind chill that brings it to the teens.

Temperature in Las Vegas: 36 degrees with a chance of snow.

Temperature in Philadelphia: 61 degrees with rain.


3rd and 9, another blitz and Dorsey is hit as he throws and Trent Cole is destroying Dorsey. Zastudil will punt it away....oh my the Browns are missing a player, but they'll take the delay of game but Philly declines it. Aaaand touchback.

Eagles 17 Browns 3 with 11:24 left in the 3rd

Eagles @ Redskins will be called by Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.

McNabb on a play-action finds DeSean Jackson for a gain of 7. No gain on 2nd down for Baskett. McNabb fires one to Jackson on a slant and gets the first down. Buckhalter gains 4.

The debate about wide receivers between Kornball and Jaws should be great.

Curtis picks up the first down and McNabb just keeps picking them apart. The problem I have with Jaws is he thinks we know nothing about football. Westbrook gets 3 before being tackled by Rogers. McNabb is under pressure and.....what a strike to Avant.

"They shouldn't even try to get in the red zone." - Kornheiser


A blitz by Cleveland and McNabb swings it to Westbrook for a gain of 3, the pass was deflected. A running back screen with Westbrook and he gains 6 and is a yard short of the first down. Holy crap they throw it on 3rd and 1......THEY MADE IT!!! HANK BASKETT!!! Of course Andy Reid is smiling because every pass turns him on. Eagles have it at the Browns 16, batted down by Shaun Rogers. Dan Klecko, like father, like son. He catches a pass as a fullback and gains 6 yards. It's 3rd and 4, shotgun formation. DOWN GOES MCNABB!! KAMERION WIMBLEY SACKS HIM!!!

Another wasted opportunity by the Eagles.

"At least they didn't come away with another interception. I thought Tony would come up with something like that." - Jaws

Akers hits one from 34!!!

Eagles 20 Browns 3 with 3:34 left in the 3rd

"You know you're old when you look at Dan Klecko and say 'I covered his father'." - Tony K

Shut up.

Akers is a touchback machine......

Dorsey is running for his life and throws it away. Stewart Bradley rips up Jamal Lewis on the screen. Justin said he sucked weeks ago......want to change that? It's 3rd and 11......behind Dinkins and incomplete, 3 and out. Tirico is just teasing Cleveland sports fans.

"There you go Cleveland fans there's something for you to smile about." - Tirico....a Syracuse alum talking about Cleveland State's win

Jackson returns the wobbler to the Browns 44....Eagles probably can put it away with a TD.

McNabb is under pressure again and throws it away. Westbrook goes nowhere on 2nd down. It's 3rd and 11 with McNabb out of the gun, it's Jason Avant and that was another brilliant throw. He gains YACs and makes Browns players miss for a gain of 24 to the Browns 22. Congrats to Jason Avant for a 100 yard receiving game. LJ Smith catches a pass so hard that he falls down...gain of 3. Another run for 3 more and that ends the quarter.

Eagles 20 Browns 3

Eagles face 3rd and 4, McNabb's pass is knocked down by McDonald. Another red zone possession gets no touchdown.

Akers....GOOD FROM 33!!!

Eagles 23 Browns 3

Cribbs returns one to the 30.....flag down and this game is starting to get boring. The Browns are running the football......oh goodness this team sucks. Cribbs in the Flash Package picks up a first down for a gain of 12. Dorsey's pass is incomplete and Gocan just shoved the receiver out of the way but the flag is picked up because the pass was behind the line of scrimmage. Dinkins gains 6 on 2nd and 10 before being wrapped up by 2 Eagles players. Donte Stallworth, the former Eagle gets the first down and then proceeds to get booed. Oh wait Santa Claus just showed up....:P

Dorsey throws it right to Stewart Bradley. That was one of the worst passes I've seen in this season. Looks like the Brown will make it a solid 4 games without a TD.

Sure why not let Buckhalter gain a bunch to the 9 yard line for 26 yards?

"I used to wear that helmet." - Jaws


11:14 left, Eagles 30 Browns 3.

Once upon a time the Browns were losing close games against the Broncos. Now they are the laughing stock of the league.

"Yeah, they go into meetings saying we're just three plays away from being 9-3. Yeah, and we're just some body hair away from being GQ cover models" - Tirico via Matmonster

Comment of the night.

Cribbs to the 30 and I just want to see the Browns get a TD at this point.

Cribbs in the Flash Package gets 1 yard. Even Cribbs is throwing incomplete passes at this point. Timeout Browns......

Dorsey is throwing now and throws ---- AN INCOMPLETE PASS!!! Can the Browns just fire the entire coaching staff and Phil Savage? Ball is downed at the 14 yard line and the Browns obviously packed it in.

The announcers are talking about Andy Reid, again.

Kevin Kolb is in the game and Kyle Eckel picks up 4 yards. McNabb threw for 290 yards and 2 TDs with 1 INT.

"2nd half, [McNabb] was strokin' it once again." - Jaws

Kolb is throwing and he's hit, Brandon McDonald picks it off......HE SCORES!!!!!!!!! THE BROWNS HAVE A TOUCHDOWN!!! REJOICE!!!!!!!!!

30-10 Browns with 9:11 left.

Demps brings it out to the 24 yard line as the Browns don't even want to onside kick it. Eckel gains 2 on 1st and 10, Eckel gains 2 more.

"Tony I need a favor, can I mention Favre?" - Tirico

Uh oh.

Okay so the Favre thing subsided quickly, scared me there......Kolb nearly throws another INT and what are they doing passing up by 20 points?

This is the first punt for the Eagles believe it or not, and Sav Rocca shanks it. Browns get the ball back looking for an offensive TD.

They're just ball-washing Reid now and it's annoying. Browns penalized for a false start.

A screen to Lewis for a couple of yards, and Jaws finally say what we've been thinking, and that is Marty Mornhinweg is calling the plays, not Reid. FUMBLE!!! Dorsey hops on it and they're just a comedy show at this point. Hansen drops a SURE interception on 3rd down.....the Browns suck.

There's still a football game and Kyle Eckel gets 5 yards and this game can't end soon enough. Eckel picks up a first down and the Eagles continue to drain the clock.

2:00 warning, Eagles 30 Browns 10

NOW THE BROWNS CALL TIMEOUT?!!!! WHAT?!! What a bunch of screwballs.

Fair catch at the 14 for Cribbs. Dorsey finds Edwards for a first down. Dorsey goes deep and that's incomplete intended for Stallworth. Dorsey throws it at the back of an Eagles defender.....ugh. The Eagles are blitzing on 3rd down and Quentin Demps gets his first career sack! 4th and 19 and Sheldon Brown drops an interception and that will do it.

Eagles kneel down and that will do it!! They clinch another win in their quest to make the post-season against all odds.

FINAL SCORE: Eagles 30 Browns 10

Good night everyone, thanks to all who participated in the first BNB live-blog, see you next week at my website for Packers @ Bears, and hopefully that game will be meaningful for Chicago.

Please visit this site as well as mine, won't you?


49er16 said...

That soccer announcer sounded like he had an orgasm after each goal.

SSReporters said...

Alan Partridge is actually a fictional character.

Look it up, that stuff is hilarious.

49er16 said...

Does Reid have a piece of Turkey hanging from his mustache?

SSReporters said...

Cleveland State beat Syracuse.

Fire Jim Boeheim?

Justin said...

Its impressive that the phrase "Fire Fat Fuck" applies to both coaches (possibly at the same time) during this game...

SSReporters said...

Walrus Bowl VI?

SSReporters said...

The Browns should tank it and try and snag Bradford.

matmonster said...

"yeah, they go into meetings saying we're just three plays away from being 9-3. Yeah, and we're just some body hair away from being GQ cover models" - Jaws

Thank you for that mental image Mr. Jaworski

SSReporters said...

That was Tirico and not Jaws.

matmonster said...

Eh, my bad. I really only looked away from when I heard that little gem. Watching the browns is like watching a train wreck in slow motion right now.

SSReporters said...

Why is Kevin Kolb throwing???

matmonster said...

Ask and you shall receive. Kolb should get a thank you from Romeo for that gift

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