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Monday, December 15, 2008

Browns @ Eagles Live Blog - 1st Half

The last time Ken Dorsey was good.

Alright let's get this party started!! If Philly loses this they are pretty much eliminated from playoff contention. Play nice in the comments and the game kicks off just 24 minutes from now.

Some thoughts about Sunday's action:

  • The Seahawks won against the Rams, who have Josh Brown. The former Seahawks kicker made a living off of game winning field goals the last 3 seasons.......but he decided to go after the money and his old team with a new kicker won it on a last second field goal. Oooh revenge!
  • Herman Edwards should be fired. I don't care if they are rebuilding, he has consistently proved he can no longer win in this league.
  • The Panthers should be in the Super Bowl if they beat the Giants.
  • Speaking of which, the Giants are in danger of losing their first round bye if they lose out. If the Vikings win their game and the Giants lose theirs, the Giants/Vikings will be for home field advantage.
  • JP Losman is awful.
  • The Lions are playing better football....but I see no wins so who cares?
  • Tony Romo was excellent last night, but the offensive line will kill him.

ESPN Picks:

Steve Young - Eagles
Emmitt Smith - Eagles
Stuart Scott - Eagles
Coach Ditka - Eagles
Keyshawn Johnson - Eagles
Cris Carter - Eagles
Tom Jackson - Eagles
Chris Berman - Eagles

Which means the Browns will probably win looking at their records on MNF.


"He could also bring that package that we love to talk about." - Ron Jaworski talking about Josh Cribbs

Jaws already starting off with innuendo.

"Overdone like a cold congealed cheesesteak." - Kornheiser

Here we go.....I'm irritated already.

Quentin Demps will receive and Demps gets to the 36 yard line to give the Eagles good field position as we get this thing going. McNabb goes out of the shotgun and Brent Celek gets a gain of 2 on the quick pass. Celek gives me bad memories....FIRE JOHN MARSHALL! Westbrook gets his first carry for a gain of 3 to the 41 to set up a 3rd and 5. McNabb is flushed out of the pocket and.....FIND JASON AVANT!! He stays in bounds and makes a great catch along the sidelines at the Browns 39. A Kevin Curtis sighting, a gain of 8. Westbrook will....bounce to the outside and gets to the 21 yard line for the first down!! He ran into a wall and then bounced back out. Correll Buckhalter is not injured for once and gets to the 17 yard line. A draw play for Westbrook gets them to the 14 yard line. Kinda funny that the Eagles are running the ball well as soon as they actually use it. What a concept!!

McNabb looks for CURTIS!!!!!!! TOUCHDOWN EAGLES!!!! An 8 play drive and that was so easy and balanced. Eric Wright was the man that got beat and the Eagles lead.

Eagles 7 Browns 0 with 10:45 left in the 1st quarter

Kevin Curtis, making all the white boy receivers happy. - 49er16


Why are they running the ball, everyone knows Donovan McNabb is only effective when you throw 70+ times a game - Justin

Absolutely! This is ludicrous from Reid. ;-)

Cribbs to return the ball to the 28 yard line, after Gocan brought him down. Ken Dorsey will be coming out to throw his interceptions.

Lewis picks up 4 up the middle on their first play. Cribbs takes the snap this time and picks up the first down and more on the misdirection to the 40. Dorsey's first pass is deflected but caught by Lawrence Vickers who has running room to the Eagles 39 for the first down. Of course on the next play they almost don't even get the handoff away and Lewis loses a yard. Here comes the blitz and Dorsey gets popped as he throws and BRAYLON EDWARDS MAKES A GREAT CATCH!!!! He beats Sheldon Brown and gains 28 to the Eagles 13. Lewis to the 9 yard line on 1st down. 2nd and 6, another blitz and Dorsey just throws it to the ground. It's 3rd and 6 out of the shotgun and Dorsey fires for of his hands. So when Kellen Winslow isn't dropping the ball, Dinkins does the job for him. Cleveland still looking for their first TD in a month.

Phil Dawson with the chippy......GOOD!

Eagles 7 Browns 3 with 6:48 left in the 1st

That was a typical Dorsey pass. A throw to the knees from 5 feet away. - 49er16

Or a Charlie Frye Hail Mary.

Demps breaks free!!! Down at his own 43 yard line!!! Commercial break.......ugh.

McNabb swings it out to Westbrook for a gain of 6 on 1st down. Tra Thomas jumps for the first penalty of the night. Westbrook gains 4 on 2nd and 9....3rd and 5 coming up. Jason Avant gets another first down, McNabb has not missed a pass. Why don't the Browns ever blitz? Westbrook gets 3 yards and Kornholio is going on and on about Andy Reid being pass-happy. McNabb is rushed and throws it way high of Jason Avant who was open.

"You won't see Aaron Rodgers pummeling McNabb." - Jaws

That's Shaun Rogers.......

On 3rd down McNabb gets a good block from Westbrook and finds DeSean Jackson who gets YACs and is down at the Browns 23!!! They cannot miss a beat right now. Buckhalter picks up 3 up the middle. McNabb has weeks to throw and LJ Smith makes a play!!! Hey!!! He caught the football and gets another first down to the 9. First and goal, Westbrook goes to the left side and is tackled at the 6. McNabb's pass is DEFLECTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one could catch that ball? NO ONE? Incomplete as two Cleveland Brown players blow a chance at an INT. McNabb is under pressure and rolls out for SMITH!!! Way too tall and the Browns hold.......oh goodness LJ Smith was wide open.

David Akers from 24.....GOOD!

Eagles 10 Browns 3 with :49 left in the 1st

Akers delivers a touchback and the Browns will start at the 20. Jamal Lewis continues to run into a pile and gains just 3. Final play of the first quarter sees Dorsey complete one to Edwards for a big gain to end the quarter.

Eagles 10 Browns 3

Jamal Lewis runs for no gain again to start the quarter. Flash Package FAIL! A loss of 4 and that was just terrible. BLITZ!! Dorsey throws it away and it's time to punt.

DeSean Jackson.....oops he goes nowhere. 10-3 with 13:21 left in the half.

Westbrook gets 3 on 1st down and then McNabb just throws a duck behind Brian on 2nd down. Pressure comes as McNabb's CURTIS!! Down at the 38 yard line and once again Westbrook picks up the block to give McNabb enough time to throw it. McNabb rolls out and Hank Baskett for no reason catches it on his ass and loses 3. It's 2nd and 13 and of course Baskett will catch one for 15 in what looks like a zone defense. Westbrook hits the hole hard off of the left side of the line and gets to midfield. Buckhalter gains 2 yards on 2nd down. Holy crap they used split backs and Buckhalter gains 14 on 3rd and short....where was this Eagles team all season long? McNabb fires a rifle down the middle and hits Jackson in the seam inside the 10!!! A fantastic throw and the Eagles are looking to open up their lead. Westbrook was stuffed initially, bounced to the outside and gains 2 as Rogers limps off the field and he may have a stinger.

2nd and goal, McNabb to the end zone!!! Incomplete....why didn't he run? Oh well, 3rd and goal. DeSean Jackson takes the snap on 3rd down and throws it......INTERCEPTED BY JONES IN THE END ZONE!!! What the heck is Andy Reid thinking running a trick play from the 4 yard line. It was a terrible pass and the Eagles are making it hard for themselves.

FIRE ANDY REID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"TK: "McNabb and Westbrook should have called themselves 'flash and dash' a long time ago and Lendale White wouldn't have anything to complain about".

Ummm. It's "Smash and Dash", Tony. Idiot." - Mal

Dorsey is under pressure and throws it incomplete.....Jamal Lewis continues to run into people and gain minimal yardage. The Eagles rush 6 and Dorsey fires it to Edwards who breaks a tackle and gets out of bounds at the 43. Lewis gains 4 yards and that's just a bunch for him tonight. Dorsey's pass is deflected by Dawkins and incomplete.

Dorsey fires.....INTERCEPTED!!!!!!!! ASANTE SAMUEL!!! PICK 6!!!! He jumped the route, the pass was intended for Stallworth and Samuel gets his first touchdown as an Eagle.

4:45 left in the 2nd quarter, Eagles 17 Browns 3

Good point by Tirico for realizing that Samuel pulled a DeSean Jackson. Not too bright are they?

"Just because it didn't work doesn't mean it was a bad play call"-Jaws, defending the trick play on the 4 yard line.

Sure, Jaws, sure, keep on defending your team, and making us actually AGREE with Dr. Kornheiser, who also thought it was a dumb decision. - Yet Another Idiot With a Music Blog

Jaws is uber-irritating tonight.

Wright returns it to the 26, Eagles up by 14.

Dorsey made a nice NFL type throw to Asante Samuel... - Justin

I chuckled reading that.

Browns begin their next disaster and Jamal Lewis got clocked behind the line but pushed forward for a gain of 2. More yards for Lewis......a whopping gain of 3. Trent Cole on the blitz......SACK!!! He just whiffs by Joe Thomas and Dorsey comes off the field limping a little bit. Eagles called timeout with 3:15 as Zastudil punts to Jackson, he runs backwards and loses 1 on the return.

Westbrook picks up 4 yards on first down and here comes the blitz and a sack by Willie McGinest!! The boo birds rain down on the former Patriot as we reach the 2 minute warning.

Eagles 17 Browns 3

"Why do the Dolphins keep winning?" - Tirico

Because they like scoring more points than the other team.

JACKSON!!! He catches it and runs to the Browns 41. McNabb looks deep to Avant and HE CATCHES IT!!! First down inside the 20 yard line and McNabb is just destroying them. Westbrook gains 7 on 1st down.

Timeout Eagles with :47 left.

2nd and 3 at the 10, CELEK TO THE 1!!! Clock at :25 and counting.

Westbrook up the middle and.....he does not get in as the refs took a while to make their call and the Eagles call timeout. 2nd and goal and what will the Eagles do??

They will go for the touchdown......


More wasted points and the half is over. FIRE ANDY REID!!

Entertaining and wild stuff, Eagles are dominating but they like to make games difficult.

Eagles 17 Browns 3 at the Half


Justin said...

Any bets on Andy Reid using the playcard to cover the mustard in his stache?

SSReporters said...

I really think if they lose tonight he will eat Sean Considine.

Justin said...

It'd be worth it...

49er16 said...

If Ken Dorsey wasn't good enough for San Francisco, then Cleveland's chances are not good.

Yet Another Idiot With A Music Blog said...

Oh what a great soliloquy by Dr. Kornheiser, comparing McNabb to congealed cheese steak and saying "GACK!"... and it's still going on!

SSReporters said...

Every time the Browns score or the Eagles somehow fail on a 3rd and short, I'll toss around a "FIRE ANDY REID" chant for all of you.

Justin said...

They play rocky in Philly?



49er16 said...

ESPN is taking a page out of Fox's book, by mentioning Rocky already.

49er16 said...

At least Romeo didn't go Norv, and challenge that play.

Justin said...

Why are they running the ball, everyone knows Donovan McNabb is only effective when you throw 70+ times a game

49er16 said...

Kevin Curtis, making all the white boy recievers happy.

Justin said...

anyone else think those gloves make Curtis look like he has ninja turtle hands?

hollywood wags said...

Is it true that Tony is a Jewish guy from New Yawk?

I can't believe it.

49er16 said...

I wonder if the Spanish announcers are better than Kornhiser?

Yet Another Idiot With A Music Blog said...

Hmmm, Cleveland's Flash (AAHHHH!!!) package worked pretty well there...

49er16 said...

Holy Shit! Edwards didn't drop that pass. I bet he drops at least 2 tonight.

49er16 said...

That was a typical Dorsey pass. A throw to the knees from 5 feet away.

hollywood wags said...

Jaws sounds like he's tighter and more wound up than he was before his only Super Bowl appearance.

tony Korny has that effect on people.

JamesCraven said...

And if your name is Swearing Man, well expect a long night of being made fun of.

49er16 said...

Where does the NFL find their refs? The retirement home.

JamesCraven said...

+1 to 49er16.

hollywood wags said...

Tony will whine until Jaworski, the moron, will concede the point.

Goddamit he is a freaking DOUCHE.

49er16 said...

When did Cleveland replace Eric Wright's hands with Braylon Edwards.

SSReporters said...

No anon comments are allowed so no Swearing Man, James Craven.

JamesCraven said...

As I keep saying, TRTIMP*, Theismann and Maguire > > > Tirico, Jaworski and Cornholio.

* - The Randomness That Is Mike Patrick.

hollywood wags said...

"A topic for later in the show."

And there is the problem with Korny being there, he couldn't care less about the fucking game.

JamesCraven said...

Just wanted to remind everyone about those types, especially after last night's abouse fest during the first half.

SSReporters said...

Looks like the forecast for Jets/Seahawks is a high of 30 and snow showers.

I won't be watching local news for weeks.

49er16 said...

That Kay Jewlry add has to go.

JamesCraven said...

Jane Seymour's still smokin hot at her age, though.

Justin said...

I'm depressed that America's youth is okay with anything Theismann/McGuire related...ugh...

SSReporters said...

@ Justin, James Craven is 47 years old.....

JamesCraven said...

No justin, I'm disgustapated with the Jaworski-Cornholio tamdem that I fear for our youth with them.

hollywood wags said...


Thanks Tony, I had no idea you were a Jew from Lowng Oilind.

JamesCraven said...

Carl peterson resigned as Chiefs president/GM.

It don't look good for Herman Edwards.

49er16 said...

@James, I am sure Whitlock will have a great aritcle tommorrow about Peterson resigning.

JamesCraven said...

And thanks to you SSR for watching my back. That'll teach you, Justin to question my age.

SSReporters said...

What, no announcer quotes?

Justin said...

I'd rather stick my head in a clothes drawer and close it repeatedly than listen to that McGuire/Theismann trandem ever...ever...again

That being said, I've running on TV DVR with delay to I can catch Merrill Reese and Mike Quick...problem...solved

Mal said...

TK: "McNabb and Westbrook should have called themselves 'flash and dash' a long time ago and Lendale White wouldn't have anything to complain about".

Ummm. It's "Smash and Dash", Tony. Idioit.

49er16 said...


Mal said...

Tirico: "Everybody wants their team to do it (wildcat formation) until THAT happens".

Justin said...


SSReporters said...


49er16 said...

If Jackson did that at CAL, Jeff Tedford would have throw down his play card, head set, and hat. Then realized he was the one who made the call.

Mal said...

Tremendous play call by Andy Reid. 3rd and goal and you try some wack play you've never run before. If he were Pete Rose were the head coach of the Eagles, people would swear he was fixing the game by play calling like that.

Yet Another Idiot With A Music Blog said...

"Just because it didn't work doesn't mean it was a bad play call"-Jaws, defending the trick play on the 4 yard line.

Sure, Jaws, sure, keep on defending your team, and making us actually AGREE with Dr. Kornheiser, who also thought it was a dumb decision.

49er16 said...

IMPOSSIBLE, Jaws. Dorsey doesn't make NFL type throws. He just luck in to that throw.

49er16 said...

That was more like it for Dorsey.

Justin said...

Dorsey made a nice NFL type throw to Asante Samuel...

49er16 said...

Everyone who is a 49er fan, just pointed in the direction of Cleveland and started laughing.

JamesCraven said...

And frankly, I cannot take Cornholio, Justin. If I was ESPN, i would have never broken up Patrick, Theismann and Maguire and moved them to MNF. The theory is "If it isn't broken then don't even bother to fix it." instead, theismann's unemployed in the broadcast biz being forced to do infomercials while TRTIMP and Maguire are buried doing college football on ABC/ESPN.

Cornholio should stay at PTI as well.

SSReporters said...

Theismann sucked......MacGuire is drunk......I would not mind Mike Patrick and Mike Golic to be honest.

hollywood wags said...

Did Jaws just rip into Tony in a passive/agressive way with the "Who starts those rumors?"

LOL. Everytime I have watched these games, Jaws has slyly made Tony look like an idiot.

Thanks Jaws!

JamesCraven said...

What dumbass comments Cornholio makes every week.

hollywood wags said...

As soon as that happens, tony has a media package together going on about the guys who will replace Romeo.


Tony is such a fucking prick. "How must he feel when people talk about who is going to replace him?"

Oh, and Romeo, here are all the guys who mgiht replace you, right here in a nice media package on national TV. How does it feel?

Good LORD. What an asshole.

Good for Jaws giving him shit. What a shitbag.

49er16 said...

Can we please get someone other than Jaws to call Philly games. The way he talks about McNabb, you think the guy was John Elway.

49er16 said...

Only an Andy Reid team can finish the half by throwing an interception in the end zone.

hollywood wags said...

You mean Tony Romo right?

He's talking up McNabb as if he was Tony Romo, or Troy aikman giggling about Tony Romo.

SSReporters said...

Fire Andy Reid!

JamesCraven said...


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